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Well behaved parents & thier children are welcome at the Gasthaus on a case-by-case basis. Additional person fees may apply to children.
Every attempt will be made to schedule families & children in rooms suited for the optimal comfort of all guests staying at the Gasthaus.
We DO NOT have child or baby beds or high/booster chairs and no room is considered 'child proof'.
All children require constant supervision when on Gasthaus property.
*** PLEASE note that quality CHILDCARE at the Gasthaus may be available with advanced notice at an additional cost.
Guests with pets are accepted on a case by case basis.
Please call us at (573) 486-8228
Visiting Pet Rules & Responsibilities
Pets will:
  • be kept on a leash for safety resons when outside
  • be house/potty trained
  • sleep in their own bed/kennels (not on B&B beds) at night
  • remain in their bed/kennel when parents are out of the room
  • NOT be left in room for extended periods of time
  • have up-to-date immunizations & flea/tick treatments
Parents will:
  • pick-up and dispose of pet waste appropriately
  • supervise their pets at all times
  • agree to a $25 pet fee per stay for extra cleaning
  • be financially reposnible for any damage caused by pets
Guests are required to sign up for your allotted time & reserve the outdoor Hot Tub. Rules: Please no glass in Hot Tub area.
To open the tub for use, release all 4 spa-cover latches in each corner, Flip up the front half of the spa cover,
pull aluminum bar back & slide the cover over the rear edge of the hot tub. Be respectful of ohter guests
by keeping noise to a minimum. Close the spa-top & lock all 4 latches of the hot tub after use.
Up to $250 repair & replacement fee for broken or mis-use of hot tub or hot tub area.
Every attempt to keep the hot tub & water clean and up to sanitary standardsisfollowed rountinely.
Guests use the hot tub at their own risk. Management can & will refuse access to hot tub at their
discression and/or if hot tub policies are not followed.


- During pregnancy, soaking in hot water may cause damage to the fetus (Limit use to 10 minutes at a time)
- DO NOT use the hot tub if recently have 'spray tanned'
- DO NOT use if drinking alchohol on drugs or medicines. Spa heat speeds up the effects of alcohol,
drugs or medicine and can cause unconscioness
- Immediately leave spa if uncomfortable or sleepy
IF objects are left behind following a guest stay, items will be collected & stored in a designated
'lost & found' container for a 1 year period.
 IF guests make a call to retrieve items, they will be promptly shipped to guests with a package, shipping &  handling fee.
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